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Hello Zai masters,

We start this new year with a nice little addition to the project, in the form of a Yield simulator that will allow you to estimate how much BZAI a Zai can be expected to make you over a certain period of time.

It’s just a tool

Before we start, we’d like to emphasize that this is an estimation tool and the numbers given should be taken with the necessary perspective. That being said, the calculation behind the simulator is directly taken out of the smart contracts that will frame the Yield, so we’re not throwing random numbers either. It’s all about how you will tweak the parameters.

The Simulator’s logic is opensource and can be found here.


Please be aware that this tool is a simulator designed for illustrative and educational purposes only.

It does not account for all possible market variations, such as changes in the rewards pool, asset burn mechanisms, potential ranking rewards, or fluctuations in the asset’s price, claim burn mechanism, piggy bank lock and gas fees.

The projections and results presented by this simulator should not be interpreted as financial advice or as any guarantee of earnings. Investing in cryptocurrency and other financial assets carries risks, and decisions should be made based on your own due diligence and in consultation with a financial advisor.

By using this simulator, you acknowledge that the developers and providers of this tool bear no responsibility for any decisions or outcomes resulting from its use.

Simulating a Zai’s Yield

You will reach the simulator here:



After you’ve accepted the disclaimer, you’ll end up on a page where you can create a simulated deck and adjust a bunch or parameters impacting your deck’s yield.

The estimated Yield is calculated for a “maxed out” Zai revenue, meaning you realize 100% of its potential by making it fight every time he is rested, etc.

The first action is to create a Zai and give it a supposed level at which you want to estimate its yield.

Then you can play with:

  • The high score rate, which is an estimation of how often you’ll beat your opponent with a High score, which happens when you win 2 times more points in a fight.
  • The repayment rate to scholar. If you intend to play your Zai yourself, leave it to 0. If you plan to delegate or scholar a Zai, you can adjust here what part of his Yield is yours to keep. You can also use that slider to play on the “optimization” of the Yield, considering 100% is the Maxed-out setting, and say 50% is you only doing 50% of the Zai’s fights.
  • Using rest potions highly increases the number of fights your Zai can make, thus its yield. Potions cost BZAI, so we’re deducting your potion expenses from the final yield.
  • You can calculate the total Yield on the desired amount of days.
  • The Yield is simulated in BZAI token. You can convert it to Dollars by setting a BZAI price in $ yourself, or use the current market BZAI price.
  • The Initial rewards pool size will be 100M at launch. If you want to simulate the Yield later, you can input the balance of the rewards pool that will be given in the game (the Yield is a split rewards model so the total amount in the pool impacts your Yield)
  • The pool erosion rate is a more specific setting that allows you to factor in potential depletion of the pool. The rewards pool is emptied by rewards but refilled by lots of in-game activities, including potion buys etc. The balance is constantly evolving with some days depleting the pool and some refilling it. It is very hard to simulate a correct average erosion, so we recommend to play with this with caution. We’ve set it up at a 0.01% daily erosion rate, which we believe is a realistic expectation.

Once you’ve set everything as you like, you’ll get a chart of your earnings as well as a table day per day:

In this example, we can see that a Lvl 50 Platinum Zai, maxed out with 17 rest portion / day, could produce a Yield of about 13.8$ per day at current BZAI price of 0.00032, totaling a 4 940$ Yearly revenue.

With that said, your are most welcome to play with the simulator and share with us the outcomes. A few things that would be worth trying out:

  • Try the Yield of each rarity at the same level.
  • Try the yield of one rarity at different level.
  • Try the yield of one specific Zai (rarity and level) in a range of BZAI prices.

For example, the same Platinum lvl 50 Zai we used above could make you $1515 / year if the price of BZAI falls back to 0.001 (Bandzai MC: $1M) , but could generate $15 172 / year if the BZAI goes to 0.01 (Bandzai MC: $10M).

Similarly, the simulator can help you estimate how much BZAI your first silver Scholar Zai could make you if you get say 60% of its revenue, and how fast you will be able to buy your first own Zai with your revenue:

In this example, you scholar silver NFT could make you 314 BZAI / DAY, which, for example, would almost let you buy your own silver Zai in just 2 days based on the current dutch auction prices of the Alpha.

Share your findings with the community

Because Zais like to be loud and noisy, we’ve made it easy for you to share your simulation with the world and the community.

Simply hit the bottom share button and you’ll get a message and a picture of your simulation. You either copy the message if you want to share on TG or elsewhere, or follow through with the process and directly share on X!

We thought this simulator would be a nice to have to let people try and understand the potential Yield of Bandzai. Again, please use it with caution, as the Bandzai economy is complex and the Yield ultimately relies on many metrics, including volume of games / zais in game, that we can’t really estimate with precision.

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