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Dear Zai Masters,

We hope to find you not too exhausted from playing with the Zai Yield Simulator, and fresh for this important news:

We are starting our NFT pre-game sales now with our Founder Edition Collection Zais, followed shortly by the Centers NFT sale!

You can buy the Founder Edition Zais here starting now 

An exclusive 100 NFTs collection

Founder Edition Zais belong to an exclusive collection of Season 0 Silver Zais which will never ever be minted again.
They all have the common trait to have hatched before the start of the Bandzai under a rain of gold and gifts.

In Bandzai, all Zais are NFTs with their own market value, driven by multiple parameters. Of course, the Zai level, set of element points and piggybank amount are improvable by the player in-game and will be important drivers to increase the Zai’s price. But level or rarity and exclusivity of the Zai collection will be major factors as they can not be modified once the Zai is minted. Expect the Founder Edition Zai to become more and more exclusive, and level yours up to make it even more attractive!

Founder edition collection sale price: $99

🔥 Every dollar obtained from the NFT sales will be used to buyback BZAI on the market and BURN them!🔥

Founder Zais yield can be estimated using the Yield simulator (silver Zai).

Your Bandzai NFTs will be mined and delivered at game launch (scheduled for February 2024) on the Immutable ZK network.


Our Founder edition collection sale will be immediately followed by our Centers NFTs sale starting Monday, Jan 22nd, 12:00 UTC.

Zaïs are clumsy and brawler, but they are also surprisingly hard workers.

While some will chose the path of the alchemist, others will be more inclined to coach others the art of fighting, or even nursing of Zaï eggs.

All of this happens in the Bandzaï centers, special NFTs primordial in the Bandzaï in-game economy, and very good opportunities for investors and players to make even more yield on Bandzaï. Here is a quick presentation before we tell you how to get them.

Our Center NFT sale will be:
– 2 nurseries: $5000 each
– 20 training centers: $1500 each in dutch auction(-$100/day)

– 10 Laboratories: $1500 each in dutch auction(-$100/day)

These are very limited series, permanent centers that will be able to produce from day 1 of the game launch , on the contrary of other in-game built centers. They will be tradable on the game / public marketplaces. The Laboratories are traded with their potion inventory, and centers come with their own amount of paid open slots, which add value to it.

The initial sale will be the only opportunity to get Nurseries, as no minting will be available afterwards.

What are Bandzai centers ?

We have 3 types of high yield NFT centers in Bandzai:

The Nursery

The Nursery is where Zai eggs are cared for until bought by Zai masters. The nursery owner earns BZAI income by selling these eggs.

The Training center

This is where Zai master can get their Zais trained to win XP, or get their coach Zais hired to win BZAI.

The Training center owner earns BZAI income by selling training slots and coachings.

The Laboratory

A lab is where Potions are produced by Zais coming in for their Alchemy Apprenticeship.

The Laboratory owner earns BZAI income by selling the potions on the market.

About Bandzaï

BandZaï is a Play-and-earn card game set in a dream world where Zaïs, magical beings, engage in battles using elements and a unique shifumi style battle system.

Learn more in our Discover Bandzai videos

Players can own and level up their Zaï NFTs, earn rewards and experience by participating in fights and working at different centers. Zaï eggs of varying rarities can be purchased from Nurseries controlled by other players, or on NFT marketplaces.

The game emphasizes security and decentralization, with a focus on a balanced token economy.

The BZAI token is now tradable on MEXC and Uniswap.

Regular updates, events, and tournaments are planned to build a strong community of ZAIs masters.

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