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Zaimasters, assemble!

🕛 We are proud to announce that we will be launching Bandzai on next Wednesday, March 20 at noon UTC. You will be able to play here:

🌟🌟 Play Bandzai 🌟🌟

Deployed on Immutable zkEVM

As teased before, Bandzai will be powered by Immutable zkEVM, and will actually be among the first games to launch on Immutable’s zkEVM early Access phase.

Preparing for the launch:

There are a few things you can do now to be ready on monday.
First, join the community of zaimasters on telegram to stay posted on what’s next:

➡️ Join the community on Telegram

You can also:

About Bandzaï

BandZaï is a Play-and-earn card game set in a dream world where Zaïs, magical beings, engage in battles using elements and a unique shifumi style battle system.

Learn more in our Discover Bandzai videos

Players can own and level up their Zaï NFTs, earn rewards and experience by participating in fights and working at different centers. Zaï eggs of varying rarities can be purchased from Nurseries controlled by other players, or on NFT marketplaces.

The game emphasizes security and decentralization, with a focus on a balanced token economy.

The BZAI token is now tradable on MEXC, Uniswap (ETH network) and Quickswap (Immutable network)

Regular updates, events, and tournaments are planned to build a strong community of ZAIs masters.

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