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Dear Zai masters,

As the BZAI launch approaches, we have had new feedback and opportunities from different actors of the crypto sphere.

These led us to reflections on our Tokenomics and we decided to make a few minor adjustments, to make the BZAI even more game-centered, and optimize its launch on the market.


As you can see, our main change is that we reduced the share allocated to our Liquidity Generation Event sale. As we’re directly locking 100% of this sale in liquidity, we felt like 3% tokens sold for ETH through our Gempad sale plus 2.7% in BZAI token would we plenty enough liquidity on Uniswap.

This also lets us with over 8% remaining supply for liquidities, which allows us to pursue listings on CEXs and add liquidity on the chosen game network in the future.

The Gempad sale will be updated soon to reflect this change in tokens sold amount, and we’ll communicate on the final sale modalities as soon as possible.

Release schedule

We have not modified the previous releases:

Total supply: 1B $BZAI

Seed investors: 10M $BZAI (50% LGE, 50 days linear vesting)
Liquidity Generation Event (LGE): 30M $BZAI (50% LGE, 50 days linear vesting)
Initial liquidity: 110M $BZAI
Advisors: 80M $BZAI (5% after 10 days cliff, 5m daily linear vesting)
Team: 120M $BZAI (5% after 3 months cliff, 6m daily linear vesting)
Marketing: 100M $BZAI (5% after 10 days cliff, 5m daily linear vesting)
Rewards in game reserve: 550M $BZAI (50m from game launch, unlocks happen proportionally to game usage, delivered on the game network.)

Market capitalization

Considering this new repartition and the release schedule, and considering the Gempad Liquidity Generation sale reaches its 10 ETH soft cap:

Launch Circulating Market Cap: $32,000 / 47M BZAI (4.7%)

  • 20M (2%) BZAI are vested investors tokens
  • 27M (2.7%) are locked liquidities on Uniswap

Launch Diluted Market Cap: $666,000

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