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Hello fellow Zaï masters,

We’re happy to present the BandZaï press kit, in which you will find the BandZaï logo, main design elements, official stickers and memes!

BandZaï press kit

Create your own Zaïs

We’ve also decided to put at your disposal a few layers that you can combine to create you very own Zaïs. You’re welcome to create your own images, gifs, stickers, Zaï masks, memes, whatever your imagination can come up with !

How ?

Go to our Make your Zaï folder here and download the layers

In your favorite image editor, create a square document and import the files you want. You can combine one layer of each step (1 to 13) to create a complete Zaï, or follow you instinct. If your image editor does not support layering, you’ll need to import them in the correct order.

All layers have the same dimensions and should align properly, make sure you select all layers if your resize elements.

You’re obviously allowed to combine layers and finished Zaïs with external images and situations.

We’re sure you will make good use of this and we can’t wait to see lots of Zaï memes and story pop 🙂

Have fun!

The team.

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