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“Onze upon amomento, ke zai priz un juwel di strat a ki le dico no no no, y tutto va boom mui mui vit. Ahhhh … ke sto li marvelu tampo. Bah. Oraaa, tutto bourdel. Zais loco reune y tap tap sob tutti li ke move. Maaa, gut novel ! Zaïs mui mui mas rich ora. eh.”
A (not so) wize Zaï
Hm. You’re probably going to need a little help with that.

Ok, let’s start over.

The BandZai game involves characters living in a dream world, the ZAIs.

Zaïs used to live simply and enjoy the small happy things in life, until something went wrong and the BandZaï curse was released. Since, while some Zaïs seem to be able to remain calm and wise and have mastered magic, others are more, let’s say, agitated. But be warned, the clothes don’t make the man among the ZAIs.

Since time immemorial, their main activity is to challenge each other in the BandZai arenas, a kind of Shifumi fighting style mixing magic and alchemical symbols… All this amuses their gods who shower them with celestial gifts every time they participate…

Sometimes the ZAIs try their hand at alchemy, mixing potions that they ingest to give themselves a little boost…

The game

BandZaï is a card game where you own your Zaï NFTs, use them to fight against other Zaïs or get them a job at one of the various centers. Each of these activities will earn you $BZAI and experience for the Zaïs. You get to level them up, making them more powerful and more exclusive.

You’ll start the adventure by buying a Zaï egg from one of the Nurseries controlled by other players. Hatch it, and start fighting. When you win, you earn BZAI and experience, which will let you assign element points, making your Zaï ever more powerful.

Eggs, hence Zaïs, come in 4 rarities: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The rarer and the higher level your Zaï is, the more value it will have on the open market.

Three types of centers exist:
– The Nursery, where eggs zaïs are created and sold at the owner’s profit according to defined schedule, which you’ll find detailed here [ADD gitbook link]
– The Training center, where owners can sell training sessions to other players, and even hire trainer Zaïs to increase profits.
– The Laboratory, where the owner hires Zaïs to create and sell potions to other players.

But as Zaïs say, “Za foto beta zan mil palabra”, sooo …

Fortunately, we’ve asked a wise (?) Zaï to guide you through the mazes of the Bandzaï arenas. He’ll make a full on video guide for you soon.The game will also feature an end-game aspect, where high level Zaïs can experiment alchemy, fight each-other in Player Vs Player arenas, optimize their characteristics, etc.You will find everything you need to know in depth in our Game rules here [Gitbook rules link]

The project

We conceived BandZaï as a fun and rewarding game where people can enjoy both good gameplay and really earn based on their involvement.

We think security must be at the heart of every blockchain development, hence we created a 100% decentralized, non custodial game based on the best technology available on the market. We then got the whole game audited to ensure maximum security.

Just like the in-game economy, it is important to reach a well balanced token economy. We have conceived our tokenomics to ensure a good ROI for investors and center owners, provide enough liquidities to exchanges, and prioritize in-game rewards, all through a well controlled release schedule and a deflationary model.

To further support our decentralized ideology, we ultimately decided to launch our $BZAI token with a launch as fair as possible with less than 5% tokens allocated to seed investors and allocated a hefty 24% of the supply as liquidity farming rewards.

We intend to build a strong community of ZAIs masters, and will keep the game constantly updated with events, tournaments and new features.

You will find complete informations about the project on our website [website link] or in our Whitepaper here : [Insert gitbook whitepaper link]

The token

Total supply: 1B $BZAI

Seed investors: 5M $BZAI (10% Game launch, 6m vesting)  

Initial Liquidity: 4M $BZAI
Liquidity Farming rewards: 240M $BZAI (190M first year and 50M 2nd year)
In game Incentives: 1M $BZAI (10% / week starting at game launch)

Advisors: 80M $BZAI (1m lock + 6m vesting)

Team: 120M $BZAI (6m lock + 6m vesting)

Marketing & Development: 100M $BZAI (1m lock + 6m vesting)

Rewards in game reserve: 450M $BZAI (50m unlocking from game launch, unlocks happen proportionally to game usage)

Liquidity introduction: $0.002, game launch approximately 15 days after liquidities are put on the market.

Social networks

Whether you are a proud Zaï master, a $BZAI owner, or even just have a remote interest in our game and project, we welcome you on our social media where you are welcome to ask anything and chat with the team and the community!

Meet us on:


Twitter // Telegram // Medium // Discord // Youtube // Facebook // Telegram


Ke ? sosoun ? Aaaah, ok ok, zee yu pronto pronto na rezococios ! BabaÏ !

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