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Hello future Zaï masters !

You should soon be able to play the Bandzaï Alpha, and while some like to just click play and discover by themselves, some like to know their subject beforehand.

Fortunately, some well intentioned Zaïs (yes, they do exist !) decided to lay the basics for you and wrote the rules of the game in a gitbook.

Let’s have a look together !

General presentation

Our gitbook acts both as a presentation of the rules and mechanisms of the game, and a whitepaper for the project. You will find the basics of Bandzaï here :

Bandzaï rules gitbook

Although we’re not going to copy the content of the gitbook in this article, we would like to highlight certain points that we think are important for the game comprehension

Set Up

First, you’ll find on the Set-up page a comprehensive guide of how to start playing the game, taking you step by step through the Metamask configuration etc.


In the game, you’ll find different places to buy and sell in-game elements of BandZaï, such as Zaïs, eggs, potions, trainings, etc. You’ll find more information about the different marketplaces here.

Game mechanics

This section about the Bandzaï mechanisms will help you grasp the basics of the in-game content:

What are Zaïs and how to get them.

This section will take you through a presentation of the Zaï cards, their metrics, their NFT characteristics, their in-game characteristics sur as elemental powers, mana, experience,schedule etc. There are different ways of getting your own Zaïs, which you’ll find on this page as well. We’re also laying down the dutch auction process that sets the price of new Zaïs in the game.

How to fight with your Zaïs and earn rewards in game / off game.

Bandzaï’s combat system is an improved shifumi mechanism based on elements. This section will take you through fight preparation, progress and outcome.

This is also the section where you can learn more about the Centers, NFTs that will let you earn even more from the game. Nurseries let you breed and sell Zaï eggsTraining centers allow power leveling of Zaïs and will make you an income, and Laboratories let you produce and sell potions. Each Center has its own minting metrics, mechanics with cooldowns, production sequences, schedules which you can learn about on the links above.

Lastly, you’ll find in the rules all you need to know about Alchemy, the in-game mechanic to mix potions; how to win mana points and use them.

Token and in-game economics

You can find our $BZAI token economics on our website, or here on github.

The $BZAI launch will be made mainly through farming, and you can read more about the liquidity mining metrics here.

Additionally, we’ve laid down for you the whole in-game economics which are very important in BandZaï. You can hop here to learn how to earn $BZAI, understand the burns and piggybank mechanisms.

Rewards and tickets

To incentivize player, we’ve created different reward pools. The main rewards you’ll earn on Bandzaï will be by winning fights. Additionally, we’ve implemented a system of lootboxes to encourage assiduous players.

And because the Zaï gods are generous (when they want to), they’ve consented to let the team create tickets, which will be distributed through community events and promotion, and be redeeable for Zaï NFTs.

We hope this article will help you navigate our github and find the information you’re looking for about BandZaï. Additionally, our moderators are available on Telegram and Discord to answer any subject or questions.

Please note that we will first go through alpha and beta playing phases, which might see some of the rules stated in the github updated or changed.

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