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Zealy Zaï Community

Get involved in the Bandzaï community


Dear Zaï masters,

Welcome to our Zealy community !


What is Zealy ?

Zealy (previously Crew3) is a community platform where people can get involved in project communities and be rewarded for it.

By completing quests, you’ll earn XP points and grind up the leaderboard to get rewards.

You can start with easy, simple quests such as following our socials, liking tweets, reading our articles or watching our videos. Once more used to it and bitten by the game, you’ll want to complete more rewarding tasks such as meme or content creation ones, etc.

Why become a Zealy Zai ?

Zealy is a perfect tool to make community engagement fun and motivating, but not only. It will help the community and project grow, and obviously your efforts will be rewarded.

Every month, we’ll reward the top Zealy leaderboard and separate quests with:

1 Titanium Zaï ticket / 2 Gold / 4 Silver / 30 Gold
Honorary Discord roles and other off-game goodies
To celebrate the launch of our Zealy Community, we’ll also offer exceptional rewards to the top leaderboard at the end of our first Sprint, ending with our Alpha test of Bandzaï set to start in a few days.

More than 580,000 $BZAI will be offered as rewards to the community:

Zealy rank 1 — 50000 $BZAI — 1 Platinum Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 2 — 40000 $BZAI — 1 Gold Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 3 — 32000 $BZAI — 1 Silver Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 4 — 27000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 5 — 22000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 6 — 18000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 7 — 14000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 8 — 11000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 9 — 9000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy rank 10 — 8000 $BZAI — 1 Bronze Zaï NFT ticket
Zealy ranks 11 to 50 — 4500 $BZAI
Zealy ranks 51 to 100— 3500 $BZAI

All $BZAI will be distributed at Game launch: 25% at launch then 25% every 2 weeks.

Where do I start my Zealy Zaï journey ?


Join our Zealy community here


You can log in on Zealy with either your Discord ID, or a Web3 address.

As soon as you are logged-in, you can start doing quests by clicking on them and performing the requested action.

The social quests will require you to connect a Twitter, Telegram or Discord accounts.

Some quests auto-validate, others will ask for a proof such as a link to your contribution, or a screenshot.
Once your proof is submitted, it can take a couple of days for our reviewers to validate your quest completion and credit your XP.

We have created a bunch of quests to start with, and we’ll keep making more as the project moves forward !

If you have any question, need assistance on Zealy or our quests, or just want to discuss with other zealy Zaïs, we have a dedicated room on Discord:

Join our Zealy Zai community on discord

We can’t wait to get our Zealy Zai community active and helping us make the Bandzaï project thrive !

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